The Schools Don’t Teach Podcast Is Here!

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Hello world!

Wow it feels good to be typing up this blog post!!! If you are reading this it means that the podcast is out the door and ready for you to listen to! Before you dive in, I wanted to let you know a few tidbits of info!

The show has now launched and our first 4 episodes are below.

Ep 000 – Starts by giving the listeners an overview of what to expect from the show, how often new episodes will be released, etc. So start here if you’re new to the movement and want to learn about where we are heading from here.

Also, we will be announcing information about our first live event which will take place in Detroit on March 25th!

Ok.. enough of me talking… here are the episodes! Be sure to leave your comments below and SHARE SHARE SHARE this page! Thanks!


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